About Suzanna Kennedy

Mental-Emotional Mastery and Soul Purpose Mentor

SuzannaBeach512x512How long have you been doing what you do, and how did you become a Mental-Emotional Master and Soul Purpose Mentor?

To answer this question, it’s probably best that I share with you a defining moment, and a resulting transformation, that brought me to where I am today – guiding people like you on exactly how to breakthrough your old obsolete identity programming and embody your divinity and its seemingly super-human creative powers.

That defining moment in my life happened in 1997. Just the day before, I was living a life that, from the outside, seemed idyllic. I was in a comfortable, secure marriage and had two wonderful children. I lived in a beautiful home in the suburbs in the Midwest, with a prestigious job as a consultant in the auto industry. I was widely respected throughout the world for the corporate training programs I designed.

My life looked like the ‘dream life’ I had hoped for as a child, but something felt off … my ‘success’ just didn’t feel like I thought it should. In truth, my marriage was falling apart and my children were getting ready to leave the nest. Worse than that, I couldn’t figure out why I felt so disconnected and empty inside. I didn’t understand why even simple things felt like big struggles.

You see the truth was, I was under a LOT of pressure – and stressed out much of the time. I had created a life that had me constantly running, doing, achieving and creating what I thought was supposed to be “the perfect life.” Outwardly I had financial success and recognition, but something really big was missing… As time went on, I found myself thirsty for spiritual answers to my true soul’s purpose. I knew I would never find the answers I sought by creating training programs for the auto industry!

The Experience That Radically Changed The Course Of My Life

One Saturday morning I woke up and felt intense fiery waves of energy moving up my spine. I uttered a silent call for help, asking, “What is happening to me?” I heard a soft, but strong and compassionate Voice clearly inside, “You are giving birth to yourself. Just breathe”. I remembered the Lamaze breath from childbirth and kept it going for more than an hour as the energy coursed through me. When it finally subsided, I knew my life from that day forward would never be the same.

What was birthed that day was my True Divine Self – what I had been previously calling “my Higher Self.” I could suddenly feel the vastness of my being. I felt the creative power of my true spiritual essence – a core of infinite love. And I could clearly see that who I thought I was, just moments before, was a limiting and false identity. I could see that what we call the ego is like a database of beliefs, mental programming and emotional conditioning inherited and absorbed in early childhood.

That energy, pulsing through my body, pulled back the curtain and revealed the layers of “not me” hiding my True Divine Presence. The realization that you and I and all humans are the Sacred Union of divinity and physicality astounded and delighted me. I made the decision right then and there that I was going to dedicate my life to serving as the activator and spiritual midwife for human divinity. From that point, my life’s journey took a radical change in direction.

It Unlocked Creative Powers I Never Imagined!

I understood on a deeply intuitive level that you and I have dormant abilities that, up until now, were considered super-human powers. Yet they are really natural to us, just hidden away beneath layers of ego programming and emotional density. Suddenly, I KNEW how to restructure and release the programming that prevents us from accessing our spiritual essence and unique soul gifts.

The inner Voice stayed with me and guided me on a wonderful adventure to sacred sites around the world where I received spiritual activations, initiations and downloaded information from higher dimensions. Driven to share this new information and creative power, I spent the next year documenting the information and integrating the activations and initiations I received. I used my skills as a training designer to organize it all into a clear, concise, and step-by-step format for others to follow.

Since 1999 I’ve been sharing my Accelerated Soul Evolution and Reality Crafting System with people just like you, who are ready to access their own creative powers and fast-track their spiritual development AND live a divine lifestyle of authenticity, passion and joy. I AM Grateful and honored to have worked with many private clients, spoke to countless groups, taught 100s of teleclasses and lived my dream of running a global, heart-based business while living on this beautiful island Paradise. And I AM grateful that my Sacred Union Partner, Casey, followed his heart and found me here in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and settled here to love and support me in the most soul-nourishing way.

I created Accelerated Soul Evolution and Reality Crafting System™, a step-by-step process for anyone ready to break through their old programming and turn on their creative powers to serve the greatest good of life, love, humanity and the planet.

Who are your clients?

I work with people, just like you, who are leaders with a soul purpose to make this world a better place. My clients are very dedicated, motivated and good at what they do. But they have yet to be activated into the creative super-powers of their human divinity and long to be the best version of themselves so they may fulfill their soul purpose. My clients are…

  • Artists
  • Authors, speakers
  • CEOs, Business executives and managers
  • Coaches, Consultants
  • Cultural creatives
  • Doctors, nurses, healing practitioners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Educational Administrators
  • Future parents
  • Professionals in many industries
  • Non-profit program directors, mangers, administrators
  • Performers, entertainers, actors
  • Teachers, trainers
  • Visionary leaders

What makes you different from other “spiritual teachers”?

Although much of what I share has been said before, I am not given to spout new-age philosophy and leave you struggling to figure out how to apply it to your life. My Master’s Degree in Performance Technology prepared me to design solutions that permanently change you at the cellular level of your DNA. This core transformation initiates a ripple effect that results in upgrading in your self-image, your ability to see through illusion and master your thoughts and emotions. From this new foundation, you will make new conscious healthy choices and take action in alignment with your highest good and soul purpose.

As training professional in the area of soul evolution, my job is to prepare you to fulfill your life’s sacred mission. The world needs you to be who you really are and do what you came here to do! I AM a master at balancing the speed of transformation with grace and ease.

Even though I refer to a step-by-step process, don’t get the idea that it is a linear, rigorous, burdensome task. The unique Consciousness 2.0 Technology™ at the foundation of my system is presented in a guided meditation-type style. Each upgrade lovingly guides you to relax into a profoundly transformative and beautiful inner journey, moving you through successive degrees of freedom and expansion. All you have to do is listen and follow along. It works even if you are not good at meditation or visualization.

My guiding force is the Divine Mother. She’s taught me how to hold a strong and steady alchemical container of Divine Love, Wisdom and Power in which you can relax and allow your human divinity to birth and grow. And if necessary, just like Divine Mother, I may have to apply some tough love when necessary. I don’t beat around bush or waste time. You may not like everything I say – but I promise to tell you the truth about what’s standing in the way of getting the results you want, in record time. Don’t worry; I’ll throw in a spoonful of humor and inspiration to help the medicine go down.

What type of personality do you work best with and what is expected of me?

The Accelerated Soul Evolution workshops, products and programs were created for people who are absolutely excited and committed to breaking out of their rut, breaking through resistance and the spinning anxiety syndrome. They were created for you to transform you at a deep cellular level for permanent results. You will gain more confidence, visibility and attract soul family who share your soul purpose and will joyfully support you. You can create soul-nourishing relationships and create the business and lifestyle of your dreams. That’s what I call FREEDOM.

Being a high achieving go-getter myself, I’m known to work best with other high achievers. Yet this will be an opportunity for you to shift into a more relaxed receiving mode. All you have to do is listen to the upgrades and show up to receive support and guidance. There is a little homework involved, but it’s not overwhelming.

I AM attracting people who are committed to their success no matter what. And those who are super-ready to get going and just want to know exactly what are the steps to co-create their version of Paradise on Earth. My clients often tell me – “just tell me what to do and I’ll do it!”

Consider what you’ll do with me to be a high-octane crash course that will initiate a quantum leap in self-identity. You’ll shift from being “only human” to Divine Human. You will be expected to make new decisions and take new actions, leading to a total upgrade in all aspects of your life. I will hold you accountable in the most compassion supportive way while you finally begin living life as the True Divine You and contribute your beautiful and unique soul gifts to the world.

For what type of individuals are your programs NOT going to work?

Please know I’m very selective in who I work with. I’ll lovingly turn away people who aren’t the right fit for my programs because they won’t get the results they are looking for. It wouldn’t be fair to them.

The Accelerated Soul Evolution and Reality Crafting System is NOT for those who have no money coming in and are financially desperate — at least not right away. It’s been my experience that people in financial crisis do not follow the system and are not open to receive the energy or guidance needed to transform. I understand how difficult it is to focus when you are in survival mode.

If you fall within this category, it’s absolutely OK. We’ve all been in times of financial crisis at one point or another. Do yourself two favors:

  1. Get some money coming in with a full-time or part-time job and then call me. This will take the edge off and provide a little more peace of mind. Mostly, you will be able to relax, open and allow your transformation to occur.
  2. Get the Triple Flame Activation. Listen to this meditation every day or as often as you can. This is a profoundly powerful tool for releasing dense emotional and stuck energy. It will help you move through your current crisis and prepare you to work with me one-on-one later.

Doing these two things will really help you get primed for our work. When you’re ready, call me and we’ll get you started. I’m in no rush and will be here when you need me.

Other people I won’t work with is the chronic whiner or skeptic. This system is not right for individuals who consistently make excuses for not showing up for themselves or challenging every aspect of the program. If you are one of these people, I gently and respectfully ask that you not call. I hope you understand why. We’ll probably just not work well together and I wouldn’t want you to waste your time or money. Is that fair?

What exactly is Accelerated Soul Evolution and Reality Crafting System™ and what does it include?

The Accelerated Soul Evolution and Reality Crafting System™ is a series of consciousness upgrades plus all the support you need to integrate and apply them to create your optimum Divine Human experience. The consciousness upgrades are delivered in a guided meditation-style format. The upgrades follow a specific sequence that leads you to dissolve the layers of “not you” and then allow your True Divine Self to birth into your body. Once you embody, you will learn how to use your newly activated Divine Human Reality Crafting abilities to create your Paradise on Earth and fulfill your soul’s purpose.

The system is organized in 4 levels:

Level 1 – Mental-Emotional Mastery

At this level, you will break through six core layers of old, obsolete subconscious programming and the resulting emotional pain that has built up inside you as a result. These layers include:

  1. Male Aspect Detox – Anger and distrust of men and male energy
  2. Female Aspect Detox – Anger and distrust of women and feminine energy
  3. Fear – Anxiety, worry, terror, panic
  4. Pain – Sadness, grief, loss
  5. Guilt – Judgment, blame, shame
  6. Lack – Limitation, scarcity, separation

Level 2 – Divine Human Upgrades

After you have detoxed all that you are not, you are ready to allow your True Divine Self to be birthed into your body. We prepare by raising your vibration, reprogramming the subconscious mind and body to receive and integrate your new Divine Human codes and blueprints. There are 4 self-discovery exercises to prepare you for the 8 upgrades, for a total of 12 modules in Level 2. The upgrades include:

  1. Sacred Union Relationship Blueprint
  2. Heal Your Pain Body
  3. Empower Your Heart and Soul
  4. Upgrade Your Prosperity Blueprint
  5. Integrate Polarity
  6. Divine Birth
  7. Twin Flame Completion
  8. Download Your Paradise Blueprint

Level 3 – Paradise Codes

Now that you embodied your human divinity, you will want to be surrounded by an upgraded environment. Just like you can upgrade your consciousness, Mother Earth is a conscious being in her own right. She is going through an Ascension upgrade as well. The Paradise Codes upgrade the grid system that acts as an interface between humans and the Earth. Through the eons of time on Earth, humanity’s emotional pain and unconscious behaviors have created a toxic environment that influences your experience. Download Paradise Codes onto your home, business or community places to detox the grid and upgrade the original 5th dimensional Paradise Reality. As a Divine Human, you will thrive living and working inside the temple-like field created by the Paradise Codes. As an added bonus, your family, business and community will benefit as well as they recalibrate and align with love, unity, co-creation and abundance for all. I AM a steward of the Paradise Codes and can download them in person or remotely.

Level 4 – Reality Crafting Team Master Mind

Graduates of the Divine Human Upgrades are invited to meet via teleconference on a regular basis to practice and master your new creative powers. The first half of the call, group members will offer specific situations they would like to shift in their personal life, business or community. I lead the group in dis-creating the old reality and co-creating a new one that is aligned with the highest good of all and integrated with grace and ease. The second half of the call, we will choose a global hot spot and do some Reality Crafting in World Service. Based on client feedback, these World Service calls are soul nourishing — and for some, fulfilling their life purpose.

Does this really work?

Yes! The Accelerated Soul Evolution and Reality Crafting System applies the proven Consciousness 2.0 Technology that has been getting amazing, almost magical results since 1999. See Testimonials.

What results can I expect?

You can expect to:

  • Break through your old programming, internal resistance and self-sabotaging tendencies so you can take action and start living your passion and purpose with grace and ease.
  • Master your thoughts and emotions.
  • Enjoy freedom from subconscious triggers and automatic responses.
  • Be fully present to consciously choose the most compassionate and graceful response in every moment.
  • Experience deep self-love and all the loving reflections that will be attracted to you.
  • Create and maintain healthy boundaries, make healthy decisions and take healthy actions.
  • Gain unshakeable confidence in yourself – a lot of my clients tell me that is alone is worth the investment.
  • Relax into a deep, unshakable level of inner peace, no matter what is going on around you.
  • See through illusion and discern the truth of any situation.
  • Relax into a deep, unshakable level of divine trust that no matter what illusion is presented, you are intuitively guided and infinitely supported for the most graceful outcome.
  • Get crystal clear on who you are and why you are here on Earth at this time.
  • Embody your human divinity. • Activate your Divine Human creative power.
  • Create your version of Paradise on Earth.
  • Fulfill your soul’s purpose.

How quickly can I expect results?

That depends on how quickly you can overcome resistance, integrate the inner shifts and how sensitive you are to subtle energy. Most clients can feel the shifts happening while listening to the very first upgrade! Many clients notice an immediate increase in peace, confidence, intuition and awareness while also enjoying a decrease in stress. For some, in the beginning, it takes repeating the upgrades once or twice so their mind can get familiar with the process and “get with the program” so to speak.

The upgrades build one upon another. So your results will steadily expand and deepen as you move through the process.

How can I guarantee myself that I will breakthrough my old programming and fulfill my soul purpose?

Listen to all the upgrades, take advantage of all the support that is offered and be totally committed to your Self. Once you set the intention and take the first step, your Higher Self steps in to support you further. Your Divine Self guided you here because it wants you to move through your evolution in the fastest, easiest, most graceful way possible. Congratulations! You have found a proven process that works.  Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and walk down the graceful path.

Clients who have applied my system have accelerated their soul evolution in much less time than they would have on their own (accelerating past multiple lifetimes in most instances). AND they are Reality Crafting a more graceful fulfilling life than if they had continued on their path of stress and struggle.

Is it worth the investment?

Yes; a resounding Yes! I want you to stop for a moment to ask yourself, “What does staying on the same path of struggle and stress cost me in the long run? What does the stress cost in terms of my health, relationships and productivity? What is my joy, self-love and soul fulfillment worth?”

What you get with my system is a series of major breakthroughs! You’ll walk away with a total upgrade of your consciousness and your life. Plus expect to get a lot of tips, tools and techniques that will help you apply your new Reality Crafting abilities to upgrade every aspect of your life. Expect to be held in the arms of Divine Love, Wisdom, Compassion and Power. Immerse yourself in it. You are investing in more peace, more confidence, more love, joy, prosperity and fulfillment. And not just more “information.”

Suzanna, based on everything I’ve read and heard about you, I know you’re the Soul Accelerator I’ve been looking for. What are my options for getting started with you?

Congratulations on making a decision for success! I’m honored to work with you to achieve your evolutionary goals…

There are 4 ways to work with me. I prefer to work one-on-one with my clients to really help them get FASTER and DEEPER results. To start accelerating your soul evolution and creating your Paradise now…

Option: 1 Accelerate Your Soul With Me In Person, in Paradise

Private 5-Day Retreat

The fastest way to transform, embody and integrate is to activate your soul evolution personally with me here in Kauai, Hawaii. Here you can immerse yourself in the energies and anchor them into your cells. We have anchored an Ascension Portal here on the property. The portal creates a temple-like space where the “energetic noise” and influence of the rest of the world cannot enter. It is a pure space that will raise your frequency and propel your soul evolution as high as you are safely able to integrate.

I don’t know of any other places where you can actually sleep in an Ascension Portal. Some Ascension Portals throughout the world are in very remote, inaccessible places. You cannot sleep and spend quality time in the well-known sacred sites. Here, you have a beautiful, comfortable private room with all the comforts of home.

Plus you get to spend quality time with me and my Sacred Union Partner, Casey. We will support you through your next step the Accelerated Soul Evolution System. You can also receive and align with the codes for Sacred Union Relationship that Casey and I radiate.

If you’d prefer a group experience… Twice per year, we offer a women’s gathering focused on Feminine Empowerment.

Divine Feminine Empowerment
Group 7-Day Retreat

Many women in leadership roles are too busy to make meaningful connections with soul sisters. And we need each other! When women get together, magic happens. Even though we may have never met before in this lifetime, you will find yourself recognizing each other at the soul level. That’s one of the benefits of soul evolution. When you detox what’s “not you” your radiant soul signal will be able to broadcast without filter or distortion. Guess what that means? You will attract your soul mate and soul family – those beings that are here to support you and your soul purpose. Soul sisters find each other here on Kauai – the most feminine place on Earth.

Option 2 – Private Coaching

Move through the entire Accelerated Soul Evolution System or a portion of it through confidential meetings in person, on the phone or via Skype. You will have the luxury of one-on-one focus and attention, plus flexibility in scheduling at mutually beneficial times.

Option 3 – Group Master Mind

Move through the entire Accelerated Soul Evolution System or a portion of it with others who are on the same path. You will receive all the upgrades and resource materials from our on-line membership site. You can move through the program at your own pace and will receive 1-on-1 coaching every week in a group mastermind format via the phone, webcast or Skype.

Not only will you get my focused attention, support, guidance and coaching for your own issues, you will learn from others too. It’s amazing how listening to what others are experiencing gives you new perspectives and insights that you can apply to your own life, business and relationships. All the calls are recorded.

You will also be given access to a Private, Secret Facebook group where you can connect with me and other Master Mind members in the group on a daily basis. This is in addition to the weekly Master Mind call!

Option 4 – Self Study Format

The Emotional-Mental Detox Program and Divine Human Upgrades are available in a Self-Study format. These are the same upgrades used in the Private and Mastermind formats, but does not include any 1-on-1 support.

OK, I know which program I want. How do we get started?

Great! Did you know that one of the most prominent characteristics of successful people is that they take action? They take educated risks, are decisive, take action, and they move forward towards success faster as a direct result of this. It’s a well-known fact these people make decisions based on their gut instinct. That being said, since this does feel right to you — go for it!

Here’s what you do. If you haven’t done so already, just click here to schedule a complimentary 30-minute Breakthrough Strategy Call to map out the best way to break through your major challenges and get you the results you want the easiest, quickest and most graceful way possible.

I can’t wait to meet you in person or on the phone to get you started on your path to Accelerated Soul Evolution. And I am honored to be the one to co-create your Paradise on Earth.

OK, I’m ready to do this for myself, but I have a couple of additional questions. Can I call you?

Good, sounds like you’re ready to be pulled into your future! Yes, if you have a couple of questions, just contact me and I’ll be happy to walk you through the different options to see which one will be the very best for you. I can’t wait to see you shine your beautiful soul lights and honored to prepare you to fulfill your soul purpose. The world needs YOU. Let’s get going!

Blessings for a graceful transformation,