Aluna Joy Interview

How to Detox Negative Thoughts and Emotions

Introduction to Emotional-Mental Detox

An Interview with Aluna Joy and Suzanna Kennedy

Recorded on February 22, 2012

90 Minutes

Aluna Joy

Aluna Joy Yaxk’in, Earth Oracle and Star Messanger and Suzanna Kennedy of Reality Crafting Institute discuss the importance of Emotional-Mental Clearing and how to do it quickly, easily and gracefully.

Aluna is a speaker, author, clairvoyant/clairsentient, sacred site spiritual guide, sacred site essence formulator and photographer. She works with the Start Elders to realign energy fields, diagnose physical, spiritual and soul issues and blocks.  As a Spiritual Archaeologist, she leads pilgrimages to the lands and sites of Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras and Egypt.

Suzanna Kennedy is the Director of Reality Crafting Institute, Author, Speaker and Transformation Expert. She has created a unique consciousness technology that makes it quick and easy to purify and upgrade consciousness.

Training she designed has been delivered to 50,000 people in 14 languages and 104 countries. Her clients find freedom from past limitations and experience expanded levels of consciousness, peace harmony, abundance and creativity in their daily lives.

During this teleseminar, you will:

  • Hear from the Star Elders on why Emotional-Mental Clearing is a top priority
  • Meet Suzanna find out about her Emotional-Mental Detox technology
  • Hear from others who have experienced her technology
  • Experience the technology yourself

Interview Replay

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