Emotional-Mental Detox Discover How To Free Yourself From the Toxic Thoughts And Emotions You Unconsciously Inherited Are you letting a 7-year-old run your life? Dear Friend, If you’re life is characterized by too much stress, illness, too little happiness or chronic struggle, then you’re letting a 7-year-old run your life. And whether you have children Read More

EFT and Emotional-Mental Detox

Question: What is the difference between EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Emotional-Mental Detox (EMDetox)? Answer: First, I am not an expert in EFT and  I’ve only taken an introductory class. But I do have great respect for the technique, as the research and testimonials of 1000s of people are very impressive. I did talk to Read More

Mind-Body Connection

Mind-Body Connection When the Body Says No: Understanding the Stress-Disease Connection The Vancouver-based Dr. Gabor Maté argues that too many doctors seem to have forgotten what was once a commonplace assumption—that emotions are deeply implicated in both the development of illness and in the restoration of health. Based on medical studies and his own experience Read More

Aluna Joy Interview

How to Detox Negative Thoughts and Emotions Introduction to Emotional-Mental Detox An Interview with Aluna Joy and Suzanna Kennedy Recorded on February 22, 2012 90 Minutes Aluna Joy Yaxk’in, Earth Oracle and Star Messanger and Suzanna Kennedy of Reality Crafting Institute discuss the importance of Emotional-Mental Clearing and how to do it quickly, easily and gracefully. Aluna Read More

Living Energy Secrets Interview

Living Energy Secrets Interview Introduction to Emotional-Mental Detox Christel Hughes and Suzanna Kennedy 90 minutes Christel Hughes of Living Energy Secrets and Suzanna Kennedy, Director of Reality Crafting Institute discuss how consciousness technology can detox negative thoughts and emotions, deprogram unhealthy patterns and raise your vibration so you can be who you are and do what Read More

Occupy Your Heart

Occupy Your Heart Supporting the Occupy Wall Street Movement on October 15, 2011 Vanese McNeill of The Great Network interviews Suzanna Kennedy of Emotional-Mental Detox. Suzanna leads a guided meditation in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement. In this guided meditation, Suzanna leads us to detox anger, rage, resentment, betrayal and victimhood and replace Read More