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What is the difference between EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Emotional-Mental Detox (EMDetox)?


First, I am not an expert in EFT and  I’ve only taken an introductory class. But I do have great respect for the technique, as the research and testimonials of 1000s of people are very impressive. I did talk to an expert about it. So this is my understanding of the difference.

In EFT, you have a technique to deal with emotions AS THEY SURFACE. It’s a great tool to neutralize the emotion when you are in the middle of it. So it’s a great compliment to the EMDetox Program.

EMDetox was not designed to use when you are in the middle of intense emotions. It’s more of a pre-emptive or preventative solution to use when you want to root out the original cause and stop patterns from re-occurring. Based on my understanding, EFT does not go into the subconscious and clear the underlyingarmswithborder progams. So you may get triggered by the same issue again, at another time.

In Emotional-Mental Detox, we are going into the subconscious programming and clearing the pattern. We are also clearing any pent-up emotion that has not been expressed in the past. So once you have cleared it at that level, it will not come up again. It’s a way of getting rid of the triggers. 

After the detox, there is a brief integration period, where you may see a similar pattern present itself. The difference you notice is that there is no emotional charge anymore. So then it is just a matter of making a new choice in how to respond.

The difference is that in the past, you would go from stimulus to automatic response; without the opportunity of conscious choice. Now, with no emotional charge, you have the ability to respond differently (response-ability). And you are now “inspired” with new options and choices that were unavailable before because you were locked into the pattern. These new options and choices are available now because you have raised your consciousness another octave (or more) higher so more graceful and compassionate options present themselves.

Once you make the new higher-level choice a few times, this becomes your new pattern. And you find that you automatically respond with more grace and compassion from now on.

Personally, I am the kind of person who does not want to wait for something to “come up” and dramatize itself. I prefer to go in to the subconscious and clear it before it has a chance to cause me problems.

3 thoughts on “EFT and Emotional-Mental Detox

  1. Suzanna says:

    Aloha Wendy
    The short answer to your question is that I offer the EMDetox Program in 2 formats. You can do it yourself with the EMDetox Kit which comes with an instruction manual and recordings of the detox sessions. For those who would like more support, we have the LIVE Teleclass format that is offered several times a year. We are also recruiting coaches, therapists, counselors and other practitioners for our Certification Program so they can add these proven tools to their practice.

    You can listen to an interview for much more detailed information. http://InstantTeleseminar.com/?eventid=42975228


  2. wayne smith says:

    Hi SUZANNA, I think the emotional mental detox is awesome. I’m ordering it this week and can’t wait to experience the lasting beautiful effects. Will this detox cleansing completely eradicate all the religious crap and false teachings that were indocrinated into me ? I absolutely do not want any recollection of those oppresive doctrines any longer. You are awesome SUZANNA. Thank you so very ,very much.

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