Emotional-Mental Detox Self-Guided Kit

Discover How To Free Yourself From the

Toxic Thoughts And Emotions You Unconsciously Inherited

Are you letting a 7-year-old run your life?

Dear Friend,

If you’re life is characterized by too much stress, illness, too little happiness or chronic struggle, then you’re letting a 7-year-old run your life. And whether you have children or not doesn’t matter, because the 7-year-old I’m referring to is YOU.

Let me explain …

Why 95% of Your Mind is Holding You Back

Did you know that about 95% of your decisions, emotions, feelings and thoughts come from your subconscious mind? You may think you’ve got conscious control of your life, but if it isn’t unfolding the way you want it to, then it’s time to have a sobering look at the truth.

If you find yourself saying things like: “The Law of Attraction doesn’t work for me,” or “I use affirmations but they don’t help that much,” or “I just can’t seem to change”, then you’ve got pretty clear proof that your conscious mind has a very small role in your power to change.

This is because 95% of your thoughts – along with all of your emotional reactions and automatic behaviors – come from the subconscious programs you received from other people before your 7th birthday.

The ‘7-Year-Old’ Whose Running Your Life

Du7 Year Oldring the 1st 7 years of life, your rational brain IS NOT ‘online’. Those formative years were a time when you were absorbing everything – totally unfiltered – through your non-rational, or “Right Brain”.

And what you absorbed during those years included both the things you experienced with your 5 physical senses, as well as the energies and emotions you felt – including stress or worry – from others around you.

Fear, danger, scarcity & lack, or any negative messaging your caretakers, siblings, teachers or religious leaders “gave” you are still buried beneath your conscious thoughts. Even excess exposure to violent or fear-based media could have deeply imprint on your impressionable psyche.

This is why early childhood trauma creates life-long damage.

You didn’t have to grow up in a war zone to be traumatized by the imprints of the first years of your life. If you witnessed sarcastic, cynical, controlling parents, struggles with survival, finances or relationships, these negative thoughts and emotions went right into your subconscious …

Totally unfiltered!

Your rational mind could not separate someone else’s problems from your own, because before your 7th birthday, it wasn’t even ‘switched on’ yet.

The results of these early childhood impressions can be devastating. In fact, most of the painful experiences you’re ‘putting up with’ in your life today, are a direct result of toxic, subconscious programming.

Is This As Good As It Gets?

When all those hopes of your youth begin to crumble under the weight of an adult life defined by hassle and struggle, it’s easy to ask: “Is this as good as it gets??” And if you’re asking this – you’re not alone!

Countless adults run through their lives on subconscious auto-pilot, never fulfilling even a 10th of their dreams or potential, thanks to the frightened 7-year-old running their lives.

Signs that a Frightened 7-year-old is in Charge:

Your Health & Peace of Mind are compromised through …

  • Physical pain
  • Chronic or frequent illness
  • Frequent bouts of stress, overwhelm or exhaustion
  • A depressed or weakened immune system
  • Pent-up emotional pain
  • Sudden bursts of anger
  • A grief you can’t seem to escape from
  • Frequent or regular experiences of fear
  • Depression

You have Toxic Thoughts and Behaviors like …

  • Keeping your thoughts and feelings to yourself even when it pains you
  • Believing that being nice is more important than speaking the truth
  • You don’t know who you truly are or what you want for your life
  • A dysfunctional family or early childhood environment
  • Low-self esteem
  • Regular feelings of guilt or shame
  • Excessive mind chatter
  • A dominant ‘inner critic’
  • Jealousy of others

The world around you is ‘crazy-making’ through …

  • People who get angry at or near you for “no good reason”
  • Repeating, negative relationship patterns
  • Being surrounded by negative people
  • Drama and/or trauma define a large portion of your life
  • Feeling stuck physically, emotionally or creatively
  • More than your fair share of accidents or injuries

Deprogram Yourself of Thoughts & Emotions

Keeping You from the Happiness You Deserve…..

Aloha, my name is Suzanna Kennedy, and I know what it means to live a life controlled by a frightened 7-year-old. In fact, when I discovered how limited my life was by toxic thoughts and emotions, I soon came to realize that most of us in modern society live this way.

I wasn’t alone in my struggle … and neither are you!

SuzannaJoyMany years ago, I lived a very different life: one defined by high-stress and pressure. Living in Detroit, I worked as a business consultant, designing training programs for large-scale, corporate groups. These programs were delivered to 50,000 people in 14 languages and 104 countries throughout the world.

In 1997 I experienced something so profound that it changed my life forever.

I had what could be called a spontaneous quantum awakening of my consciousness. After this, I had powers and abilities I couldn’t have even imagined before …

From that moment forward, I was able to tap into Universal Intelligence in a way that bypassed the filters of the mind. This Intelligence I can now access comes directly from a higher dimension, which I refer to as the Science of Creation and Consciousness.


Suzanna Kennedy

Suzanna_180Director of Reality Crafting Institute Creator of the Emotional-Mental Detox Programs

Author, speaker, seminar leader and transformational guide, Suzanna’s training programs have touched 50,000 people in 104 countries. Her clients learn to access and upgrade self-limiting mental programs and safely release pent-up emotions, finding freedom from the cycles of struggle and stress.

“I was conscious of something very unique happening in the clearing session. I felt a movement at a cellular level that allowed me to virtually turn my consciousness around. I am deeply confirming the quality of Suzanna’s work and encourage you to experience Spirit at work through Suzanna Kennedy.”

~~Johanna Carroll, San Diego, CA

How it Works

Thanks to the scientific clarity we now have an understanding about how your cells operate and it’s easy to understand how and why the Consciousness 2.0 Technology of the Emotional~Mental Detox Program™ works.

Frequency + Intention + Visualization & Breath Work =
Cellular Change

Just as Dr. William Tiller demonstrated in his studies on genetics, a combination of the Right Frequency and Intention can make lasting change. Add to this the Power of Visualization, to actually tell the body WHAT to change, and a breath work designed to move the old, unwanted frequencies OUT of your body … and you’ve got nothing less than transformation on a cellular level.

Practical Application for Systematic Release

The Emotional~Mental Detox Program™, is a miraculous self-healing method that allows you to make permanent, positive change in your life – all the way down to your cells. The program is a unique combination of the right harmonic frequency, intention, breath work and imagery, delivered in a guided meditation format.

The program applies the science of the Mind-Matter link in a practical and easy-to-use way. It leads you through the process of changing the negative mental and emotional messages to your cells.

The meditations guide you to systematically release and replace unconscious beliefs and perceptions. You replace the beliefs that cause stress, struggle, separation, pain, illness and conflict with beliefs that promote balance, flow, ease and grace.

You release the pain in your heart and the associated ‘imprints’ within your cells. This allows you to open, connect deeply and create more intimacy and authenticity in yourself and in your relationships with others.

And you don’t have to be an experienced meditator to benefit from this technology! Because the frequency and intention work, even if you drift off or cannot visualize during the meditation session.

These guided meditations can be delivered in person, over the phone or as a recording. They are just as powerful over long distances. And the recordings have proven to be just as effective as a live delivery.


The Technology That Makes Positive, Permanent Life Change
Quick, Easy & Graceful

This body of information explains why the consciousness technology that is at the foundation of all my programs works so well. This Consciousness 2.0 Technology makes it quick, easy and graceful to create significant, permanent changes to your consciousness – and your life!

One of these applied technologies is the Emotional-Mental Detox Program. It evolved from Integrative Natural Healing as taught by Adam El-David with whom I had been certified with as a practitioner in 1998.

Since then, I put together a unique series of high harmonic frequencies and guided imagery into an already powerful combination of breath work and intention.

And the results have been staggering!

Discover How 1000s of Others Like You Have Permanently

Freed Themselves of Toxic Programming

Once and For All!

For more than 14 years, I’ve helped 10s of 1,000s of people release toxic, mental and emotional imprints from their subconscious minds. These people have gone on to live more healthy, empowered and satisfying lives. Lives which contribute to the betterment of humanity and the world.

Some of my clients have gone on to change their careers.
Others have recovered their health after years of chronic pain or dis-ease.

Still others report things like:

  • Experiencing change on a cellular level
  • Reconnecting with their sense of love and compassion for self and others
  • Becoming free of limitations
  • Releasing large amounts of anger, rage, frustration, pain and guilt
  • Gaining clarity about their goals and desires – and the courage to act on them!
  • Greater health and well-being

And the one thing that all of my clients have in common is this:

Rather than a temporary, ‘feel-good’ uplift, the Emotional~Mental Detox Program™ causes transformative change, once and for all, because it literally removes the toxins from you at a cellular level.

Your Solution to Stress, Worry or Overwhelm

Who will you be when you’re free of those self-limiting thoughts & emotions?

  • Imagine you life when stress is a thing of the past …
  • Imagine waking up every morning, looking forward to the day ahead …
  • Imagine having nurturing relationships with friends and family – free of drama, conflict or struggle …
  • Imagine the resources you need for a life of greater ease and less hassle all at your fingertips …
  • Imagine spending your ‘work’ hours doing what you LOVE, and loving what your do …

All of this and more truly is possible when you detoxify yourself of the programming that’s got you locked in pain or struggle.

When you go through The Emotional-Mental Detox Program™ you’ll notice
Powerful, positive changes begin to unfold in your life.


At first, these changes may seem subtle. But within a very short period of time, you can expect …

  • Situations that used to trigger your anger, guilt, fear or shame – simply don’t anymore.
  • You are less reactive, more present and able to make conscious choices.
  • You suddenly find that you are not afraid of being rejected or abandoned.
  • You are no longer seeking other’s approval.
  • You feel more confident in yourself and your decisions.
  • It’s easier to say what’s on your mind.
  • It’s easier to say no and set healthy boundaries.
  • It’s easier to claim your own time and space.
  • You feel more at peace with yourself and with the world.

The world hasn’t changed, but you find that your responses to it have. It’s much easier, less reactive, more grounded and centered. In other words: you engage the world (and your life!) from a place of personal power, self-care and inner ease.

Permanently Detoxify Your Mind and Emotions

What Can an Emotional-Mental Detox do for you? It can help you:

  • Eliminate the emotional/mental causes of illness and injury, allowing your body to begin healing itself.
  • Reduce and eventually eliminate stress and drama so you can settle into a more peaceful, graceful life.
  • Eliminate regrettable emotional triggers so you can enjoy healthy, nourishing relationships.
  • Feel calm, grounded and centered in any situation, empowered to make decisions from wisdom and compassion.
  • Remove energetic blocks and restore the flow of life force to you, for more vitality & well-being.
  • Release all programming from other people, so you can be your True Self and live your life purpose.

When you detoxify your Mind and Emotions, you’ll also enjoy …

  • More energy
  • Improved health
  • Inner peace
  • Emotional freedom
  • A more grounded, centered, connected state of being
  • Increased intuition
  • Mental clarity
  • Improved relationship with yourself and all others
  • Energetic Balance of: Mind & Heart; Thinking & Feeling; Giving & Receiving
  • Heart Intelligence for strong inner guidance

The Quick, Easy, Graceful Way To Free Yourself From A Toxic Past

So what exactly is the Emotional-Mental Detox Program™?

It’s a cutting-edge, “consciousness technology” which uses high frequency

  • Light
  • Sound
  • Intention
  • Breath

HappyHeadphonesTo create powerful, permanent change in your life.

The program is delivered in a series of 8 Self-Healing, Guided Meditations. These meditations are formatted to let you purify your physical, emotional, mental and energy bodies of toxic thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, emotions and energetic distortions.

Quick, Easy, Graceful

Imagine lying down with your headset (easy) for one hour (quick) and listening to a soft, relaxing, loving feminine voice (graceful) guide you to simply imagine certain colors, shapes and pictures; and then repeat specific, positive intentions, all while doing specific breathing techniques.

While you breathe, you listen to her voice describe how a high harmonic frequency is neutralizing all the resentment, anger, rage, hatred and jealousy that you never fully expressed in your life. She describes how the harmonic frequencies are neutralizing the painful memories of abandonment, betrayal, rejection and abuse.

All this emotional healing simply by listening to a guided meditation? YES!!!

You don’t have to remember the pain, you don’t have to feel it, you don’t have to talk about it, you don’t have to cry or yell, you don’t have to forgive or apologize, you don’t have to punch a pillow.

What You Get


The Emotional-Mental Detox Program consists of six detox sessions, plus 2 support meditations for your regular use. Combined, these 8 meditations will transform your subconscious, negative patterns into harmonious experiences.

Using a unique combination of high vibrational energy, intentional commands, imagery and deep breathing, the program systematically moves through all levels of your being to release limiting beliefs systems, painful memories and unexpressed emotions.

The 1st and 2nd sessions of the program detoxify you of dysfunctional relationship programming related to gender. The remainder detoxify you of the most powerful negative energies we deal with in human society.

“I was conscious of something very unique happening in the clearing session. I felt a movement at a cellular level that allowed me to virtually turn my consciousness around. I am deeply confirming the quality of Suzanna’s work and encourage you to experience Spirit at work through Suzanna Kennedy.”

Johanna Carroll


Triple Flame Energy Field Detox

AuraIn order to truly detoxify and upgrade your subconscious, the first thing you need are clear ‘channels’ so that toxicity of Body-Mind-Emotions-Spirit can be release with grace and ease. The Energy Field Detox does exactly this. You can use the Energy Field Detox prior to every other session as well, to make the very most of your program.

This detox will:

  • Open up the ‘Communication Bridge’ between your Super-conscious, Conscious, Subconscious levels of the mind
  • Purify your body’s Energy Pathways
  • Release dense, repressed energies with Grace and Ease
  • Prepare and Support your physical and energy bodies for making lasting change.


Male Aspect Detox

Male AspectDetoxing Your Relationship With:

  • Father, Men, Mind and Matter
  • Abandonment, betrayal, victimization
  • Anger, rage, hatred, resentment
  • Manipulation, control, enslavement

After detoxing, you are able to replace distrust, defense and constriction with openhearted trust and allowance for males and male expressions of energy. With the negative memories and emotions of the past gone, you are free to be in the present moment and respond consciously. You will develop the ability to deeply discern truth and integrity in yourself and others. You will make wise and healthy choices. Your inner female and inner child will finally be able to trust the balanced, healthy, mature inner male.


Female Aspect Detox

Female AspectDetoxing Your Relationship With:

  • Mother, Women, Heart and Soul
  • Matriarchal Systems, Mother Earth and Nature
  • Humiliation, co-dependence, suppression

Activate your feminine (right-brain) qualities of beauty, intuition, creativity, receptivity and perceptions of the unseen and unknown. You will replace suppression, distrust, defense and constriction with openhearted trust and allowance for females and feminine expressions of energy. You will find yourself better able to trust your intuition and express your creativity. Your inner male and inner child will finally be able to trust the inner female and the gifts she brings. Your inner child will feel safer being in your body and on the planet.


Item 4: Fear Detox

CourageDetox Your Relationship With:

  • Fear, Terror, Panic,
  • Worry, Anxiety, Doubt

Fears are used to control behavior in families, schools, churches, commerce and recreation. These patterns were originally used to socialize us so we would be accepted in community.

Anxiety, worry, self-doubt are all milder forms of fear, yet they are messages that are being broadcast on a constant basis through the media and airwaves. The persistent, cumulative affect can depress the immune system. Fear blocks creative expression and the ability to explore and experiment with new ideas and modes in our approach to life.

During the session, all manner of fear is neutralized and transformed into openhearted, loving, blatant courage, in all affairs of the heart and all of one’s experiences of power.


Item 5: Pain Detox

FreeDetox Your Relationship With

  • Pain, Sorrow, Grief
  • Despair, Bitterness, Depression

The deepest level of suppression deals with all of the ancient ancestral and race wounds. The activity of hurt, pain, sorrow and grief constantly create upheaval and conflict in our work and personal relationships. We have no other choice but to recreate the same situations as they occurred in the distant dead past. These disruptive patterns of behavior are transformed into openhearted, unconditional love and deep compassion for self and others.


Item 6: Guilt Detox

Happy beautiful woman in grass at sunsetDetox Your Relationship With:

  • Guilt, Judgment, Jealousy
  • Blame, Shame, Punishment
  • Self-pity, Unworthiness, Arrogance

Judgment and blame are also devices used for manipulation and control. The resulting emotions of guilt and shame immobilize us, destroy our self-worth and keep us from rising to our true potential and fulfilling our soul’s purpose. Without purpose, our lives can be passionless and unsatisfying, leading to persistent anxiety and depression. This dense energy is transformed into openhearted, radiant joy, shear enjoyment and deep pleasure.


Item 7: Lack Detox

Couple on a beachDetox Your Relationship With:

  • Lack, Limitation, Scarcity, poverty
  • Separation, annihilation
  • Fear of success and failure

Lack, limitation, scarcity ~~ Unfortunately it’s programmed into our consciousness from the moment we are born and re-enforced continuously. It’s time to detoxify this from our body, mind, heart and soul.

Even people who may be considered “well-off” by others may be operating from lack and limitation consciousness. Fear of loosing their wealth, fear of being taken advantage of, insecurity about whether your friends are true ~ these are all symptoms.

Lack consciousness can also show up in other ways because at the core, it is a fear or lack of trust in the abundant flow of energy. Other examples are lack of energy, love, intelligence, creativity and passion.

In this session, we will detox lack, limitation, scarcity and poverty consciousness and replace it with divine trust in the abundant flow of prosperity of all of the tangible and intangible joys of human living.


Item 8: Integration Meditation

enlightenmentThis meditation is used after each detox session to help you to integrate the quantum change in frequency gracefully.

In this meditation, you are guided to call in different high frequencies such as love, joy, peace, bliss and more into your energy field and body. It is helpful when clearing low, dense frequencies out of your energy field and body, to replace them with high frequencies to help you restore balance and well-being.

Clients call this meditation “light training” and report that after doing the meditation a few times, they can instantly shift their state of being by calling in the light frequency of their choice.


Bonus 1: – Peace Meditation

DoveOfPeacePeace is not just the absence of war. It is the feeling that no matter what is going on around you, you are confident in your ability to move through the situation with grace. And you maintain a sense of inner strength and groundedness.

In this meditation I will guide you to first purify your mind, emotions and body of fear, which is usually what keeps us out of inner peace. You will transform fear into compassion. Then you will bring in the peace energy and fill yourself into an overflowing fountain of peace and radiate it out, sharing it with the world.


Bonus 2: Deep Relaxation Meditation

headphoneC2-0A state of relaxation is beneficial to the health and well being of your body, your mind and your spirit. It decreases blood pressure, boosts your immunity and allows your mind to rest from the constant chatter and noise of everyday living that we have grown accustomed to and consider being a normal part of life. This meditation will guide you into a deep state of stillness and rest at every level of your being.


Bonus 3: 1 Year Membership in the private Pathway to Paradise Facebook Group

WomanOnPhoneLaptopThis is a private on-line forum for people who are going through the Emotional-Mental Detox program. Communicate and get support from Suzanna and other participants while you are going through your transformation. Share your stories, ask questions, get support and build community.


Emotional-Mental Detox Self-Empowerment GuideBonus 4: Emotional-Mental Detox Empowerment Guide

This 15-page instruction manual, delivered as a downloadable .pdf file, tells you how to use all the materials in this program to move through your detox with grace and ease.


RadiantOnePicBonus 5: On-Line Access to Radiant One Movie

This beautiful short movie delivers the Radiant One Activation. It activates your deep soul memory for who you really are and why you are here.




Bonus 5: On-Line Access to I AM Power ActivationIAMThatIAm

This short animation guides you through the powerful I AM invocation that aligns you with your super-conscious Self. You will see the beautiful sacred geometry that creates that energy field used throughout the Reality Crafting consciousness technology.



Total Value: $2650.00

Invest In Your Health and Happiness

If you could eliminate much of the stress and negativity from your life – without rehashing old pain, without creating drama and confrontation, without having to radically change any part of your life – but simply by using gentle, guided meditations …

How much would it be worth to you?

  • Improved health
  • Greater happiness
  • Lower stress levels
  • Less trauma, drama or confrontation with others
  • Greater freedom to create the life your heart desires?
  • Your AUTHENTIC self-expression

If you were to work one-on-one with me to detoxify your energy field, you could expect to pay about $250 per session. And when you think about the Total Personal Transformation available to you through Emotional-Mental Detox™, you can see that even this is a very low price indeed.

But because I know how important it is that we all heal ourselves and our planet right now, I want to make this available to as many people as possible. And because I’ve tested the program over the past several years in audio format, I know that it’s effects are just as powerful for my clients as working with me directly.

This is why, even though the program is easily worth $2,000.00 or more, thanks to modern technology, I’m able to offer this to you for a fraction of this price!

In fact, the bonuses alone are worth more than you’ll pay for the Emotional~Mental Detox Program™ in digital format.

Overcome Stress, Worry and Unhappiness – Starting Today!

As you can see, the value you’ll get from the Emotional-Mental Detox Program is Well worth 10 times the cost you’ll pay.

So if you’re ready to stop the pain once and for all …
If you’re ready to be free of chronic stress, worry or other negative energies keeping you down …
If you’re ready to be free of painful memories and toxic patterns …

Then you are ready for this Quick and Flexible solution.

Why wait until more blocks, struggles and conflicts get in your way?

Get your copy of
Emotional-Mental Detox

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