Share Your Gifts with the World

Share Your Gifts With The World

Be who you are. Do what you came here to do.

  • Are you ready to share your gifts with the world in a bigger way?
  • Are you ready to attract the people you are meant to serve (your tribe)?
  • Are you ready to find out how to spiritualize marketing strategies so you can maintain your heart-centered, soul-aligned values while enjoying greater business success?

If you are, then please join me for a special event.

Marketing With Heart

Suzanna Kennedy interviews Dawn DelVecchio

Free Teleseminar
Thursday, April 5 @ 5pm Pacific Time
Interview will be recorded for continuous replay

Register Here:

The big question many of us in the healing arts ask is: “How can I serve my soul purpose and enjoy business success without compromising my time or my values?” As a spirit-based business owner myself, I know how important it is to work and live in Integrity, Transparency and Authenticity. I simply MUST be aligned.

At the same time, I want to enjoy business success, doing what I love and serving the highest good. And I want to do this without spending too much time bogged down in ‘techy’ details, or too much money hiring someone else to handle these things for me. Is this a dilemma for you, too?

If it is, then I want you to meet my friend Dawn. She’s a teacher’s teacher with an insider’s understanding of Soul-level integrity AND high-level training in the ever-changing world of the internet. Dawn serves as a bridge for those wishing to reach and serve a greater audience, with Authenticity and Heart.  

Dawn and I will be having a LIVE conversation on Thursday the 5th of April, and we’d love to have you there. It’s free. We’ll be talking about 2 critically important issues for your business:

  • How your Tribe Building Triangle can serve YOU as you serve others.
  • How to overcome the most common blocks to success.

What Dawn has to share can totally transform your business – and your life. So if this is resonating with you, please sign up right away.

Register Here:

Can’t make the live interview? No problem. Register anyway and you will automatically receive the replay. Looking forward to sharing Dawn’s heart and wisdom with you.

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