I am feeling much more connected to myself and others. The beauty that is emerging is amazing!  This adventure of self discovery and connection to source is much more than I ever imagined. I am divine peace. I am divine wisdom. I am divine love.

A pillar of light… the words fill my being with a surge of power and compassion for all. I weep tears of joy and gratitude for the new depth of meaning and energy that is transforming my every moment.

Debra Lewis

I want to express my gratitude for the Emotional-Mental Detox Program. It has helped me become aware of deeper levels of Love, Light, Inner-strength, and Peace than I have ever known.

Kimberly Hamilton

As a nurse, I had to “shut down”. I was told I had to become “tough, develop a thick skin, stop being so sensitive, don’t get attached to my patients, be distant, focus on the work…” I had become all of these things. I was living my worst nightmare; stressed out, no energy, seeing pain all around me and feeling powerless to truly help.

Then my friend suggested I had a choice: “Release your emotional pain so you can open your heart. Think with your heart and really be an instrument of healing. Or continue your attempts to suppress your pain. How has that been working for you so far?”

Then I found Suzanna and her consciousness technology. In just a few weeks I began to release the painful memories and unexpressed emotions that I had been carrying with me since childhood. I did open my heart. I have learned how to think with my heart and make choices through love.

Within a few months, almost by magic, I was offered a new position to bring heart-centered caring nursing into the hospital where I work. I am now filled with purpose and passion. I am committed to sharing this technology with other nurses and health-care professionals.

Lorraine Duggan, RN, New Jersey

I don’t know how it works. It seems so simple and easy, but God, it feels good to release soooo deeply! I feel fresh, new and clean. I may even have to start having more fun with life. Thank you Suzanna, from the bottom of my beautifully remembered heart.

Robert Christopher

I was conscious of something very unique happening in the clearing session. I felt a movement at a cellular level that allowed me to virtually turn my consciousness around. I am deeply confirming the quality of Suzanna’s work and encourage you to experience Spirit at work through Suzanna Kennedy.

Johanna Carroll

I have been through five clearing sessions with Suzanna as the facilitator and as a result have released a large amount of anger, rage, frustration, pain and guilt.

Since working with Suzanna, I have become clearer, free of limitations and have manifested a better life for myself. I highly recommend Suzanna and her method of healing. Having done Suzanna’s sessions, I find myself want to do more simply so that I may release more emotions and be a clearer channel for God.

Sharon Kirby

Troubled with sickness and no direction, Suzanna, with her healings and clearings has helped to bring me to health, clarity and spiritual growth.

Scott Miller

I found the technology to be very simple and very easy and very, very powerful. Suzanna is a powerful and professional facilitator. It is evident that she has put many years of work into this. She makes transformation very easy and very gentle for the client. It was a very simple procedure and one that was very peaceful.

Ceci Connor

I just wanted to let you know how helpful these detox sessions have been. I feel lighter (free from judgment, limiting beliefs and resentment), and more peaceful with my past relationships with men and woman alike. The resentment is gone and I can feel the presence of the higher frequencies of light in my body. In the 3rd detox session I almost felt I was flying through space.


What drew me to the technology was the comprehensive nature of the process. Every step builds on the previous one and in the end, the changes you have are permanent. Sometimes you go to a workshop and have a temporary high. Then you go back home and to work and it goes back to what it was before. With this, the change of experience is permanent.

Ellen Nagy

The program worked for me because I was open to it. I was ready for change. The technology and Suzanna’s facilitation guided me and helped me to complete what my heart was longing for. Suzanna is a very gifted communicator and her soft tone in her voice was very pleasant and easy to listen to.

Ana Zach

I have just finished the Emotional/Mental detox and I have had wonderful results, thank you so much! I am no longer emotionally triggered by my past and I have had significant physical healing as well. I am recommending this program to ANYONE!”

Annie Jury, South Australia

“It’s been 3 days since male detox week began, and already I’m astounded at how much I’ve changed in 3 days. I would consider it unsettling if it didn’t feel so good! My relationships are changing (for the better), especially my relationship with my two brothers whom I live with. I’m also beginning to experience more strongly my sense of smell for some reason…strange, but I certainly don’t mind. Maybe it just means a part of me that wasn’t paying attention now is. Not sure :)”

I don’t know what’s changed or why, but it all feels great. It doesn’t even matter to know what I released. Just that it was released is what matters. I feel so blessed to have found Suzanna and Reality Crafting Institute. Already I feel like a new person. Can’t believe this is only the first week…so much more to look forward to!!”

Andrew Lemonier, Jersey City, NJ